Standard software Xchange
Our interfacemodule Xchange is the perfect solution to the exchange of information between two or more systems.

Xchange integrates A with B.

This generic information integration tool integrates existing information sources. Information sources can vary from databases, spreadsheets to textfiles.

Xchange has been evaluated on SOX compliance. Read More
From the start AXIS has been a partner of the Dutch government in achieving the best XBRL solution. See the list of convenantparties.
Tailor made
AXIS adapts the standard Xchange software to your needs and your wishes. When we are ready, you are ready. The whole package will be operating: technically, functionally and organizationally.

AXIS delivers Turn Key !

As opposed to most software suppliers we know exactly what we are able to offer. So therefore we supply:
Many large corporations use our interface module; because of the tailor-made solution, but also because of the price.